• Change a life & reduce landfill all on the same day

    The Reuseful Project transforms e-waste into life changing donations
  • Each Machine is Lovingly Refurbished

    The Reuseful Project has refurbished hundreds of computers
  • Access to Computing Changes Peoples Lives

    Your e-waste can improve the life of an entire family
  • Help us - You can do more than you think to help

    You can help with refurbishment, administration or marketing

The Facts about poverty in Australia

2.2 Million Australians live in poverty

That’s almost 10%

“There are almost 600,000 children living in families below the poverty line. About half of those children are in sole parent families, and one quarter of people in sole parent families are living below the poverty line.”

Dr Cassandra Goldie
Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS)

Access to Computing Can Break The Cycle of Poverty

The e-waste pandemic

17 Million Computers and TVs are discarded in Australia each year

50m Tonnes

Every year 20 to 50 million tonnes of e-waste are generated worldwide (Schwarzer et al., 2005)

Deadly Chemicals

E-waste contains more than 1000 different substances, many of which are toxic - lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, selenium, hexavalent chromium, and flame retardants (Widmer et al., 2005)

Toxic Mercury

22% of the yearly world consumption of mercury is used in electronics manufacture (Realff, Raymond et al., 2004)

Fossil Fuels

UN studies have found that manufacturing a computer and its screen takes at least 240kg of fossil fuels, 22 kg of chemicals and 1.5 tonnes of water – more than the weight of a car (Schwarzer, et al., 2005)

How The Reuseful Project Changes Lives

The Reuseful Project gives computers away.

They are 100% free with no catches or tricks.

Accept a Donation

Refurbish Equipment

Candidate Selection

Change Someone's Life

We Work With Great Organisations

Do you run a charity or not for profit?


You Can Help Us Change Lives


Do you currently work as a computer technician, in IT or as an Engineer?

Do you have experience building, repairing and working with computers?

Say yes to any of that? We could use your help refurbishing equipment at our Brookvale refurbishment centre.


Are you great at coordinating and managing people and equipment?

Do you have a passion for working with people that want to make a difference?

We need help to manage the donations, schedule, work with our partners and make sure that everything gets to its destination.


Do you have a strong business and social network?

If you can make introductions for us that help us expand the project Australia wide, we need you.

We&re building a network of people around the country that can make a difference.


Do you have experience with Marketing, Promotions, Social Media and PR?

We need help getting the word out to people and charities.

You can change peoples lives and help us reduce landfill.

Why Do We Do It?

The Reuseful Project was founded in 2011 by brothers Luke & Matt Byrne. The project is currently managed and stewarded by their IT Organisation Com Connect.

Years of operating an IT Service provider has shown us that many, many perfectly good computers and laptops are thrown out each day.

E-waste has become a significant issue for our waste services & environment. We felt that a great proportion of this e-waste could have its life extended.

The next logical step is to take these computers, refurbish them and find them a new home.

We don't sell the machines, and they are not designed to generate us income.

We donate these machines directly to needy people and families as well as through charities to ensure they actually make a difference.

No money ever changes hands.

The Reuseful Project has never accepted a single dollar.

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